Vanda Heng Vong, Managing Director, Isabel Marant UK

Mark and his team are always available to help us in delicate situations with our staff as well as offering full HR support. I highly appreciate their constructive, thorough and efficient advice

Martin Bunch, Managing Partner, BWB LLP

We have commissioned Nestor to work with us for a number of years. They have assisted our clients on a wide range of HR matters ranging from change management to complex investigations. They fully understand HR best practice and the relevant legislation and approach their work with the highest degree

Kerry Glazer, CEO, AAR

As a small company, navigating the legal and procedural minefield of HR can be difficult. The team at Nestor support our internal resource and help us to provide the right HR environment for our staff. They ensure that our approach is always a best practice one: this enables us to

Kristine Graudina, COO, Clink Hostels

We really enjoy working with Nestor. As a medium size company we are too big to fumble through HR but too small to justify our own HR department. Nestor gives us exactly the right amount of support we need. Mark and his team, are professional, personable and respectful of our

Paul Jennings, Partner, BWB LLP

We are delighted to be working with Nestor and their clients as Nestor’s legal partner. We find their HR processes to be robust and their advice to be client-focused. Their approach to HR matters always strikes the appropriate balance between business goals and legal risks.

Robert Moberly, Owner, Lewis Moberly

Nestor have been advising us for a number of years. They are extremely skilful at navigating the vagaries of the law. More importantly they have those human qualities which can diffuse potentially stressful situations. They are very attentive and a delight to work with. I can recommend them highly

Tim Hannington, Executive Vice President EMEA & Asia Pacific, Confirmit

I find the service that Nestor provides to be extremely confidence-inspiring on two levels. Firstly their response times and attention to detail are first class, and secondly, Confirmit as a business is able to focus on its own key priorities, safe in the knowledge we are making decisions with an

Paula Heasman, Associate Director – HR & Finance, All Response Media

Nestor provide us with the HR insight that we would get from our own HR department. They understand us, how important our staff are and what we are trying to achieve as a business and as an employer. They help us be more professional in the way we develop and

Stephanie Whitaker, Managing Director, ignis

It’s not an exaggeration to say that we couldn’t have managed the growth of the agency without the support of Nestor. The professionalism and dedication of Mark and the team has helped ignis realise its true potential and we are indebted to them.

Jamie MacLeod, CEO, Bordier UK

The individuals at Nestor really care about their responsibilities. What’s more, they consider the dynamics of their advice to management and the impact that it has on both the Company and our people. Whether it be supporting Bordier with our own HR decision making or supporting us through the impact

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