HR Projects

HR Projects

HR Projects are wide and far reaching in their design, delivery and intended outcomes. The examples below are by no means exhaustive, rather it represents a selection of the engagements more frequently undertaken.

The way an organisation wants to be is often constrained by the way an organisation is. This is not a reflection on its structure or strategies, but its culture. The human element finds change and development challenging. Nestor designs HR frameworks, both at a corporate and individual level that allow organisations to develop themselves, their structures and their human capital in a way that supports their own plans.

All companies have to be able to adapt to or drive change in their competitive markets. Change is easier within a company if the HR practices are aligned and support business goals. We ensure that appropriate, enabling and legal frameworks are in place to achieve such structural or cultural goals.

External change has to be mirrored by internal change if it is to be successful and sustainable. Therefore individuals and teams need to be supported if they are to achieve their maximum potential within the existing corporate frameworks. Our team of highly qualified consultants work with clients to develop and harness their human capital at both a team and individual levels.

A successful HR Project is achieved through maximising individual & team performance as well as delivering organisational change.

HR Projects

1Appraisals & Performance Management
Managers and leaders are often busy and prioritising feedback sessions can be challenging. We can design processes that work for the business and your employees, in a style that suits your company culture. Whether implementing a new formal appraisal process or supporting managers in giving informal feedback, we can work with you to put in place the right solution and provide training and guidance for managers.
If your organisation is to remain productive and competitive, absences should be managed properly. Whether you have a formal sickness absence policy in place or not, we can help with its design and implementation.
3Bullying & Harassment
Although it’s something that no organisation would want, bullying and harassment in the work place does happen. It’s important to have the right policies and procedures in place to protect your employees and ensure your managers know how to deal with the allegations in a fair and legal manner. We can support you with designing the policy and carrying out the relevant training and investigations when required.
There will be occasions when your employees are not performing as you need them to, for a variety of reasons. Nestor can support you with implementing the correct policies and managing any capability procedures. This includes guidance on initial conversations, implementation of performance improvement plans, and support through any potential terminations.
5Coaching & Mentoring
Enhancing individual skills, knowledge and work performance is key to ensuring organisational productivity. Coaching & mentoring are increasingly popular tools organisations are utilising to nurture talent. Coaching is non-directive and usually a shorter term project focused on specific goals and development areas where individuals are encouraged and guided to identify areas of improvements and explore solutions. Mentoring is a longer relationship whereby staff benefit from learning from a more experienced person.
6Disciplinary & Grievance
Disciplinaries and grievances are never a pleasant matter for an employer to have to deal with, but it can be even harder within an SME environment where colleagues work closely together, and on many occasions, issues are ignored until it’s too late to resolve the matter. By having a policy in place and ensuring it is followed, small matters can be dealt with quickly before they escalate, and employers can reduce the risk of tribunal claims against them. Often, managers within SME’s can feel conflicted when dealing with these matters. We can run the disciplinary or grievance from start to finish, including carrying out all relevant investigations, and make a decision on the outcome in an impartial and objective manner.
If staff feel discriminated against, undervalued or ‘singled out’ within their working environment, the costs of recruitment and training can significantly increase, as well as the risks surrounding complaints and tribunal claims. This can cause unnecessary disruption in the day to day, and Business reputations can be damaged. Therefore, it is important to encourage a greater awareness and understanding of the different protected characteristics under the Equality Act, alongside tackling discrimination. At Nestor we have the experience and expertise to help with supporting managers gain a better understanding of what discrimination at work is and how to prevent it. Consequently, helping to reduce the risks of discrimination complaints and tribunal claims.
8Employee Engagement
“employee engagement is about positive attitude and behaviours leading to improved business outcomes” (Engage for Success, 2019). There are numerous benefits to having an engaged workforce including improved retention, decreased sickness rates and enhanced productivity. At Nestor we utilise a robust Employee Engagement Survey which takes a multi-faceted approach to analyse an organisations staff engagement. Our team of experiences HR professionals can provide guidance on enhancing staff engagement tailored to individual organisational needs
9Employee Life Cycle
There are various stages to the employee journey ranging from recruitment to offboarding. In order to attract and retain staff organisations are increasingly feeling the pressure to differentiate from the competition. Our team of experts can provide guidance and insight on best practice and unique initiatives for attracting talent and enhancing the employee journey. Where individuals exit the organisation, we provide frameworks to provide continuous organisational learning.
10Equality & Diversity
Equality is ensuring individuals are not treated differently or less favourably, whereas diversity recognises, respects and values individual difference by promoting an inclusive culture so individuals can reach their full potential. At Nestor we work with organisations to evaluate and establish frameworks and nurture behaviours that promote equality & diversity.
11Family Friendly
Recognising that people have responsibilities outside of work, whether it be young children or elderly parents, in order to attract and retain talent organisations are benefiting from being more family friendly. Whether it be introducing flexible working arrangements or providing insights from different sectors Nestor can support with expert knowledge.
12Gender Pay Gap
As of 2017, firms with more than 250 employees have to publish figures about their gender pay gap and there are talks of expanding this to include firms with more than 50 employees. Whether you fall into this category or not, we can provide greater clarity on your business requirements and build a gender pay gap report and action plan.
13HR Audit
Nestor can help an organisation to complete a HR audit which is a review current of employee documentation, policies and handbook enabling clients to keep up to date with current legislation. A HR audit can also identify any areas of improvement, thus enhancing business efficiency.
14HR Surgery
In SME environments, having a full time HR resource can be an ineffective use of time. We offer our clients the option of an HR Surgery, whereby we attend your offices at regular intervals. During these allocated times, we can offer a range of services, from coaching and mentoring, support for line managers or HR administration. Whether you want to realign your Company culture, or build a "Face of HR", we can design an HR resource suited to your businesses needs.
15HR System Implementation
A HR system is an efficient, secure and environmentally friendly way to store employee data. Nestor can plan or carry out a HR system implementation, ensuring clients stay on track and within budget. Implementing in phases to ensure a review of progress and system testing to create a high return for all end users. Nestor will ensure data security and remaining GDPR compliant.
16Mediation & Arbitration
There will inevitably be occasions when members of your team clash, however through mediation or arbitration small disputes can be successfully resolved before matters escalate, or before formal grievances are invoked.
Onboarding is the process by which staff are integrated within an organisation. At Nestor we can provide frameworks and guidance on how to manage the early stages of a new employee
18Pay & Benefits
"Remuneration is a key factor employees consider when looking for work, and a Company's stance on reward should be a considered and intentional strategy designed to attract the right candidates, as well as retain and motivate existing employees.

Nestor can support in this decision making and can also offer a review of what you currently have in place and help with the design of a pay strategy, tailored to your industry and ensuring legal requirements are met. Nestor can also offer more general support with payroll, pay and reward reviews."
19Psychometric Assessments
Whether used as part of the recruitment process or as a tool for management development, psychometric assessments can provide useful insights into working styles, personality types and traits. At Nestor, we are certified practitioners of the Thomas International psychometric testing (PPA, GIA, EI) & Myers Briggs (MBTI) which can be applied in a range of circumstances to ensure your organisation employs the right people and continues to manage them in the right way.
People are an organisation’s most valuable asset and whether to facilitate growth or natural churn, finding the time to carry out an effective recruitment process can be a challenge in many SME environments. A good recruitment exercise should be a positive experience for candidates, building a trusted relationship from the start. As such, it is essential that those involved have the relevant skills and awareness of relevant discrimination legislation and current equal opportunities practices. Nestor can support by running the recruitment exercise as a project, at any stage. Whether shortlisting candidates, carrying out initial interviews or assessing candidates against scoring matrices, we can support you find the right people for the role.
21Restructures & Redundancies
Although never a pleasant process, in an ever changing environment, redundancies are unfortunately a fact of life for many organisations. Following compliant processes will help protect against tribunal claims and ensure a much smoother journey for all involved. Essential steps include ensuring there is a genuine business case, that a proper consultation is carried out, and that consistent selection criteria are applied, as well considering any alternatives to redundancy. We can support by guiding you through the process and managing the restructure from start to finish.
22Settlement Agreements and Protected Conversations
Sometimes employers find they want to part ways with an employee, however they may be keen to avoid future litigation. By having a protected conversation and a offering the employee a settlement agreement, businesses can ensure they are protected. We can support you by drafting all required documentation, and if required attending the meetings on your behalf.
23Successing Planning & Talent Management
Succession planning can be crucial in ensuring that organisations identify and grow talent to fill senior roles. Effective planning ensures business continuity and is a useful tool in motivating and retaining key employees. We can support by designing an appropriate structure tailored to your business needs.
When moving employees into management positions, how to actually be an effective manager is often overlooked. We can deliver training at all levels from business leaders to front line managers, supervisors and HR professionals on topics such as people management, managing teams, and all other aspects of employment.
TUPE is a particularly complex area of employment law that requires a collaborative approach from both the incoming and outgoing employers. We can support you through the full process, from initial due diligence through to consultations and later successful integration of the TUPE’d staff.
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