HR Assurance

HR Assurance

Peace of mind and remaining Compliant – Ongoing support to keep the Employer / Employee relationship robust & strong.

Nestor helps our clients focus on their clients, by maximising their employee relationships and performance.

We keep clients up to date with HR legislation and how it impacts on business HR policies and management practices. We work with management teams to ensure that business goals are supported by their policies and day to day practices. We build up a basic HR framework to support your organisation.

This framework then allows us to advise and support you and your business with all your day to day HR requirements – either directly in your office or remotely as appropriate.

HR Assurance provides an annual personalised review of Staff Contracts, Handbooks and HR policies as well as face to face support from your own HR consultant who is able to give you specific and relevant advice with as much insight as if they were your own HR Manager.

Our advice is offered in relation to the legal and competitive construct of the employment contract – ensuring both compliance and a commercially minded approach. General advice is available from the wider team of consultants as and when you need it. If you have specific needs, these may well be better served via HR Projects.

Our consultants have built up many years of experience in all aspects of Human Resources and Employee Relations across a range of industries. This affords us the ability to tailor our approach to suit your industry sector.

Recognising that organisational performance is enhanced by employee engagement, we have also developed an Employee Engagement Survey for all clients as part of our HR Assurance Service.

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