HR Transformation

HR Transformation

Achieved through maximising individual & team performance as well as delivering organisational change

The way an organisation wants to be is often constrained by the way an organisation is. This is not a reflection on its structure or strategies, but its culture.  The human element finds change & development challenging.  Nestor designs HR frameworks, both at a corporate and individual level that allows organisations to develop themselves, their structures and their human capital in a way that supports their own plans.

Organisational Transformation

All companies have to be able to adapt to or drive change in their competitive markets.  Change is easier with a company if the HR practices are aligned and support business goals.  We ensure that appropriate, enabling & legal frameworks are in place to achieve such structural or cultural goals. 

Individual & Team Transformation

External change has to be mirrored by internal change if it is to be successful and sustainable.  Therefore individuals and teams need to be supported if they are to achieve their maximum potential within the existing corporate frameworks. Our team of qualified Myers Briggs and Thomas International Psychometric assessors, work with clients to develop and harness their human capital at both a team and individuals level.