HR Partnering

HR Partnering

Provision of timely & appropriate HR capacity and capability

All organisations need some HR capability to support their business. In many instances, budgets dictate this is either a non-specialist or a non-dedicated resource. 

Given such constraints it is difficult for a non-specialist HR resource to stay on top of HR issues with any confidence; and it is equally difficult for a non-dedicated resource to stay on top of the work load.  We have developed HR Partnering for companies to access additional HR resources in the most costs effective and flexible manner.

Nestor gives companies access to HR resources whether it is for additional capacity or capability.  Because we are your HR department, we are able to be flexible on the delivery model.  We are able to offer onsite or remote support, either on an ongoing fractional basis (from as little as a couple of hours a week) to high intensity short term projects which may last from a few days to a few months.

In each of these situations the key is to resource the task that needs to be done with the most appropriately skilled and experienced HR professional.